Even before I could read, I've loved books. Early favorites have included Dr. Seuss, then the Hardy Boys, Sherlock Holmes, Alistair MacLean, and more recently, David McCullough, Marilynne Robinson, George Herbert, and C. S. Lewis. So, having enjoyed this intake for so long, it has been a privilege to begin putting words back onto the page for others. 

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Why Do We Say Good Night?

Coming October 2019


A Big God for Little Hearts

Going to bed and turning out the light can be a hard time for many children. I wrote this book, beautifully designed and illustrated by Rommel Ruiz, to help parents comfort their children with three truths about God.

In the book, as a mother and her little daughter talk, they remember together that God made the night, he sees in the dark, and he watches over them just like a shepherd protects his sheep. Children and parents will want to start a new nighttime tradition of reading together about why we can say that the night is good.

As they read at bedtime or any time, parents can bring comfort and encouragement to their children, reminding them Jesus is near.


Pass It On: A Proverbs Journal for the Next Generation

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Leave a lasting legacy of wisdom for the next generation by journaling and praying through Proverbs. The perfect gift for a special, older relative or friend who has wisdom, faith, and experience to share.

Although the fast-changing world might say otherwise, there is still great value in passing on life lessons to the next generation. Going through the book of Proverbs in bite-size chunks will give users an opportunity to learn God’s wisdom and then share that wisdom with the next generation.

Pass It On guides users through the book of Proverbs and allows them to create their own, personalized wisdom journal that they can share with someone they love. Answering questions about God’s perspective on the world, writing out prayers, and sharing their own stories will give users a way to create a lasting keepsake for themselves and for someone they love.

This new resource will help strengthen families and grow them in their love for God and each other. There are many different kinds of legacies to leave, but sharing yourself with the next generation, will stand the test of time. This is a perfect gift for an older and wiser friend or relative so they can share themselves and what they have learned about God with the next generation.

What others are saying . . .

As Christian parents in a post-modern culture, we long to instill biblical wisdom and virtue in our children’s hearts and lives. With Pass It On, Champ Thornton has provided a way for parents or grandparents to provide the next generation with a keepsake volume filled with personal reflections on each chapter of Proverbs. This is a gift a young person can treasure for years to come.
— Jim Daly, President – Focus on the Family
In the book you are holding, Champ Thornton provides a brilliant way to inculcate the divine wisdom of Proverbs into your family. Follow his plan and you will produce what may become the most valuable and spiritually fruitful gift your children or grandchildren will ever receive. What you write in these pages will surely be long-lasting in its impact and deeply treasured by its recipients. Use this book, record the wisdom God has given to you through the book of Proverbs, and Pass it On.
— Donald S. Whitney, professor of biblical spirituality and associate dean for the School of Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY. Don is the author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life (NavPress), Praying the Bible (Crossway), and Family Worship (Crossway).
As a parent, my greatest hope is to share my love for Jesus with my children. Champ Thornton’s new book, Pass It On: A Proverbs Journal for the Next Generation allows parents a wonderful opportunity to share wisdom and insights from God’s Word that will bless future generations. It’s an excellent resource to help leave a legacy of faith for our children and grandchildren.
— Melissa Kruger, Editor at The Gospel Coalition and author of Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood
Imagine what would happen if your family went through this book together. Seriously. Just imagine.
— Bob Lepine, Co-host FamilyLife Today
Every Christian parent desires to teach their children biblical truth and pass along wisdom from God. Champ Thornton has made our work and effort easier through his book Pass It On. His unique concept will not only allow us parents to pass along wisdom from Proverbs, it will equip and serve our own hearts and minds as we meditate on Scripture and journal our thoughts. I highly recommend this resource.”
— Trillia Newbell, author of God's Very Good Idea, Fear and Faith, and Enjoy
This book is a gift to the next generation, but the giver will receive a treasure, too. If you’ve felt that sense of urgency as you watch the young children around you grow up too quickly in your estimation, this book will help direct your urgency into action. Champ thoughtfully guides parents and others through Proverbs with the aim to helping us impart wisdom to the next generation. This gift is for children ages 0-99!
— Gloria Furman, author of Missional Motherhood and Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full
It is hard to over-estimate the value of Proverbs. The book is a compendium of God’s wisdom. Champ Thornton provides you with a guided tour for each chapter and space for you to journal about how the wisdom of the Proverbs maps onto your life. It is my prayer that this book will make the Proverbs sing for another generation. If you like to journal, you will love this book.
— Dr. Tedd Tripp, Pastor Emeritus, Author, Conference Speaker
Through the ages, Christians have turned to the thirty-one chapters of Proverbs for guidance. Now this book by Champ Thornton can help us plumb this treasure with a greater God-centered and Christ-centered focus. This book will not only help you find wisdom, but by its unique design will also help those who come after you live skillfully as God’s sons and daughters in God’s world.
— Stephen J. Nichols, President of Reformation Bible College and Chief Academic Officer of Ligonier Ministries
Champ Thornton gives parents, grandparents, and friends a Proverbs journal to pass on that incorporates accurate insight into the background of the Proverbs, the nature of wisdom, the application of wisdom to daily life, the ways in which wisdom points us to Jesus, and an opportunity to add personal stories and reflection. We need this book in our age of cultural confusion.
— John M. Frame, Ph. D., D. D., Professor Emeritus in Systematic Theology and Philosophy Reformed Theological Seminary
The book of Proverbs intends to make us wise, righteous, and godly. I am pleased to recommend Champ Thornton’s engaging book, Pass It On, which helps us both to understand the book of Proverbs and to see how it applies to our lives as well as to those to whom we will pass on the profound wisdom we find there. In our complex and troubled world, we need the wisdom of the book of Proverbs to navigate us toward God and toward a flourishing life. Champ Thornton masterfully guides us in a way that helps us learn from Proverb’s rich teaching.
— Tremper Longman III, Distinguished Scholar of Biblical Studies, Westmont College

Radical Depth, Strength, & Fun

The Radical Book for Kids is a fun-filled explorer’s guide to the Bible, church history, and life for boys and girls age 8 and up. Along with examining some of the most exciting realities in the universe, the handbook is vibrantly illustrated and chock-full of fun facts and ideas. Deep truths are communicated to elementary and middle-school aged kids while stimulating their curiosity and sense of adventure within a gospel-centered framework.

This power-packed book is “radical” in more ways than you might think! It is “radical” in the sense of the original meaning of the word, “going to the root or origin.” The Radical Book for Kids will take children on a fascinating journey into the ancient roots of the Christian faith. But it’s also “radical” in the more modern sense of being revolutionary. Kids read about men and women who learned to trust Jesus and stand for him—displaying radical faith—even when everything seemed against them.

But The Radical Book for Kids is also “radical”—meaning fun or cool—in the eyes of a child. Kids read about ancient weapons (and how to make one), learn about jewels, create pottery, discover ancient languages, use secret codes, locate stars, tell time using the sun, play a board game that’s 3,000 years old—and more.

I was only a dozen pages into this book before I found myself thinking, ‘I wish I’d had this book when I was a kid’ and ‘I’ve got to get this book for my kids!’ Highly recommended!
— Timothy Paul Jones, PhD (C. Edwin Gheens Professor of Christian Family Ministry; The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Thornton has done something magical here. He’s taken every aspect of the Christian faith, the Word we love, and the character of God and made it accessible to children. The Radical Book for Kids is radical indeed—radically helpful, radically good.”
— Trillia Newbell, Author of Enjoy (forthcoming, 2017), Fear and Faith, and United
As the father of four teens, I found this a fun, informative and spiritually edifying resource. Alongside telling us where weapons came from, young readers (and older ones) learn how to spend daily time with the Lord. It’s not just about fun facts; it is a spark for discovery of God, his world, and our place in it.
— Michael Horton (Professor, Westminster Seminary California, author of Core Christianity, and host of the White Horse Inn broadcast)
“I don’t know how he does it, but in The Radical Book for Kids Champ Thornton seems to have mastered the art of communicating with kids, without talking down to them. Lots of topics are immensely important, like God’s attributes and our salvation; others just fun. I wish I had this book during my own childrearing years—and when I myself was a teenager.”
— John Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology & Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary; author of History of Western Philosophy

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Check out the table of contents, skip around, or read straight through. However a child chooses to explore it, The Radical Book for Kids will open new vistas for their imagination and help to make straight paths for their feet.

  • A vibrantly-illustrated, kid-friendly introduction to the roots of Christian faith, including biblical history, theology, fun facts, and encouragements to faithful living for boys and girls 8 and up

  • Chock-full of charts, illustrations, and design elements that quickly communicate important truths to both beginning and advanced readers (and even those children who don’t enjoy reading)

  • Mixes fun pieces ("How to Make a Slingshot") with practical advice (such as “How to Clean Your Room”) and theological sections (like “Names of God”) to help kids grasp the Bible’s relevance for all of daily life

  • Immediately engages preteens and young teens with core gospel truths while serving as a springboard to further learning and growth


from age to age; your faithfulness is written on history’s open page” (from a hymn by Edward Plumptre, 1864, rev.)

The story of the Delaware Baptist Association extends back to 1967 and beyond. The labors and personalities of its leaders and the dedication and service of its churches showcase the unfailing steadfastness of the Lord.

From Age to Age traces the heritage of the Delaware Baptist Association, from its rich ancestry and its small beginnings to its later decades of both expansion and economy. Written as part of the DBA’s 50th anniversary celebration, this book recounts for the first time many stories which have never been told.

CLICK HERE to download an excerpt.

What others are saying . . .

The narrative throughout creates a poignant mixture of gratitude, anticipation, disappointment, wonder, and hope.
— Tom J. Nettles, Senior Professor of Historical Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
I commend this work to you. We need reminders of what God has done, in order to give us hope concerning that which God may do presently and in the future. This book’s pages will lead you to praise God for the efforts of leaders, pastors, and Baptists in the pews of Southern Baptist churches in Delaware. In our current societal setting, may we continue to be Christ-followers who bear spiritual fruit to the glory of Jesus Christ. This work will help us in that pursuit!
— Kevin Smith, executive director of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware

God's Love: A Bible Storybook

In this colorfully illustrated storybook, your children will discover 120 Bible stories highlighting God's love—from before Creation to the death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ. Available by clicking here.

Read my interview with Andy Naselli here.

Also available in Spanish

I wrote these stories for my own children. It was 2010, they were younger, and I wanted to teach them what God has been teaching me about Himself in His Word. I wanted them to see that God is a loving and gracious God. My children (and their father) sin, ultimately because I don’t believe God is good and loving. When I sin, I believe that something or someone else promises more good and more love than God. If I knew how infinitely and incredibly loving and good God is, I would be less inclined to stray from Him and more quickly inclined to return to Him when I do stray. That is what I wanted my children to grasp from God’s Word.


By the Book: A History of Ogletown Baptist Church

This book, as part Ogletown Baptist Church’s 60th anniversary, tells the story of this congregation started in 1958 in Newark, Delaware.

Over six decades and six full-time pastors, Ogletown has sought to be an orderly ministry, faithful to God’s Word. For Ogletown Baptist, church was always to be done by the Book.

I wrote this 126-page history as part of the 60th anniversary celebration of the church where the Lord has allowed me the great privilege of serving as associate pastor, alongside a dedicated membership and staff, since 2012. During 2018, the months of research, hours of interviews, and weeks of writing have provided me with extended opportunities for deep reflection, appreciation, and gratitude to the Lord for the church family I love to serve.