I come from a family of teachers. Both of my parents and all of their children have, for some season of life, made their livelihood by teaching. So when Bible curriculum publisher, Positive Action for Christ, brought me on staff as a curriculum designer and writer, I was delighted. During this time, I authored or co-authored two year-long pieces of curriculum, one for middle school, the other for preschool. 

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This year-long Bible curriculum is designed to help middle schoolers understand and live the Christian life. They will gain an understanding of introductory Christian doctrine, including salvation, the study of the Bible, and the power of prayer. Students will learn how to live out their love for God and share Him with others.

In 2008, I edited and co-authored (with original author, Frank Hamrick) this 35-lesson, year-long curriculum for middle schoolers. A Teacher's Guide, Student Manual, and full-array of other resources resources are available from Positive Action for Christ. Click here for more information.


In 40 lessons, Exploring God’s Love introduces preschoolers from the wonders of Creation to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, emphasizing the Father’s glorious love along the way. This year-long curriculum offers Story Cards, Teacher's Manual, and a Student Manual full of original artwork, puzzles, coloring pages, cut-and-paste activities, and more.  Available here.

I wrote Exploring God’s Love with the hope that it would serve as a map to guide preschoolers (and their teachers) through the Bible’s rich and varied landscape. Along the way, the curriculum points them toward unique demonstrations of God’s love. As I worked with the team at Positive Action to prepare this study, God revolutionized my own life and my understanding and enjoyment of His love. Each lesson features three story from Scripture, and each story includes the following teaching tools:

  • Target Truths—summarize the primary message of the story
  • The Big Picture—provides the teacher with the historical and theological context for the story
  • Setting the Stage—suggests engaging ways to introduce the story
  • In-text Notes—present resources to add depth to the story
  • Review Questions—encourage student attention and retention
  • Additional elements supplement each lesson. They include a Note to the Teacher, Vocabulary, Scripture Memory, Catechism Questions, as well as Extra Activities that engage and challenge students in the first steps of their education.

Exploring God's Love Curriculum (in Spanish)

¡Llegó el momento de la aventura!

Exploremos el Amor de Dios es un estudio que consiste de cuarenta lecciones que llevan a los preescolares en un viaje a través de la Biblia, desde la creación del mundo hasta la muerte y ascensión de Jesucristo. Inspire a sus alumnos con el amor de Dios, haciendo clara la verdad de él mediante historias poderosas, actividades emocionantes e ilustraciones prácticas.


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En este manual del maestro:

  • Verdades fundamentales – una serie de objetivos principales incluidos con cada lección
  • Historias bíblicas – lecciones sobre el amor de Dios en las escrituras
  • Vocabulario – explicaciones de términos clave para suplementar el texto de la historia
  • Nota para el maestro – palabras de ánimo para apoyar e inspirar al maestro
  • El panorama general – información de trasfondo que provee contexto para cada historia
  • Preparando el terreno – Introducciones que llaman la atención para lograr la participación de los niños
  • Preguntas de repaso – herramientas para ayudarles a escuchar y comprender la lección
  • Memorización de textos bíblicos – versículos semanales para reforzar el mensaje de la lección
  • Catecismo – preguntas doctrinales que son fundamentales para el creciente conocimiento del alumno
  • Actividades extras – ideas adicionales para centros de actividad, manualidades y aplicaciones prácticas
  • Herramientas del texto – consejos didácticos, preguntas que incitan a la reflexión y puntos naturales para destacar el carácter de Dios