Giving Out Samples

Periodically my family shops at one of those members-only, bulk-packaging retail stores—usually when we need another 12-pack of toothpaste or five-gallon tub of peanut butter.

As satisfying as it is to load up on a year's supply of shaving cream, my kids enjoy the experience for an entirely different reason.  Samples.

Every few aisles, dozens of mini-morsels are free for the taking. But these retailers aren't concerned to fill your stomach; they want to fill your cart. That's the way samples work: you taste, you like, you come back for more.

And in some way, that's what I want to accomplish through The Radical Book for Kids. It's over 250 pages of full-color, kid-friendly, gospel-centered, Bible-based, heart-focused samples for kids, ages 8 and up.

It is my hope that middle schoolers and young teens (and older) are going to read about the spiritual disciplines, or about the names of God, or biblical wisdom, or union with Christ, or about men and women who gave their lives for the Lord—and then, having tasted, will one day come back for more as they explore more deeply and widely the riches of God's truth.

I want to give a guided tour down the hallways of our faith. Walking the corridors of Scripture, theology, church history, and Christian living, I want to throw open doors of rooms to be explored later.

I want to to scatter a packet of assorted seeds across the minds and hearts and imaginations of the next generation, which in God's time and by his Spirit will take root, sprout, and bear much fruit.

I want to give out samples. And so, it seems fitting to include a sample here. Here's a preview of a couple pages from The Radical Book for Kids. It will release on October 24. You can also learn more here.