Seize Your Commute

The average daily, one-way commute in the US is 25.5 minutes (according to USA Today, March 2013). That’s nearly an hour behind the wheel each day; or over 210 hours every year. In the same amount of time you can train for a half-marathon, ride a motorcycle from Alaska to Argentina, or get certified in yoga, at least that’s what the Internet claims.

But for the less ambitious among us, let me commend this podcast from Desiring God. It’s called Theology Refresh, and each episode discusses some topic relevant to our walk with and service to Christ.

Just think, by this time next week, you could have spent time considering what the Bible says about . . .

  • The Christian and Sports
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Gratitude
  • Suffering
  • The End Times

Perhaps your commute already makes you think about suffering and the end times, but listening to these podcasts may help you think differently about them. I hope you’ll check them out and seize your commute.